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Seasons bring in different moods. Summer is bright and sunny; it reflects life in every existence. The summer heat forces people to take measures to protect themselves against the scorching heat. They indulge in eating juicy fruits and prefer eating light and soothing diet; intake of liquids is increased in multifold. That's the summer for you! On the contrary, winter is the season which brings in loads of fun. Most of the people enjoy this season because of its qualities of being, literally, chilled out season! This season is associated with fun for more than this reason; it is season when people wait to celebrate their favorite festivals and bid a good bye to passing by year to welcome the New Year with many hopes and desires. Many people indulge in eating rich food and wearing some great clothes. During school days we are often taught that seasons can be recognized by the clothes. People wear cottons and light clothes during summer, winter they prefer to wear warm woolens and finally the rains leave no choice but to opt for raincoats.


The seasons are thus classified based on their characteristics. Concentrating on winter, which is often labeled as designers' favorite season, where they get to play with various moods, colors etc. The whole of the world is facing cold. But the intensity differs from place to place. So clothing also changes. In tropical region, it is never very cold. Afternoons are pleasant; morning and evening are bit colder. But people do not need to change their usual dressing to protect from cold. In the regions with severe cold, people have to shuffle their wardrobes to suit to the needs of changing weather. Jakker and Sweatshirts are one of the most essential elements in everyone's wardrobe. Generally, people opt for earthy colors or pastel shades in winter. Bright colors are normally saved for summer. Suitable season wear in one of the important Must Haves. Nowadays people prefer to be well prepared while visiting visit any part of the world be it for business trip, pleasure trip etc. People find out maximum about the weather and suitable clothing where they intend to visit. Due to globalization, the world has shrunk into a smaller place. Internet has made people aware of current trends in fashion, these trends are posted online by the experts.

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Season wear redefined

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This article was published on 2010/12/10