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Ever been in Nevada sports book on a Sunday afternoon during football season? If so you will soon realize that this sport truly dominates in gaming action over all the others. Just about every seems to make some type of wager during the football season. Whether it is at a sports book or just a wager among friends, football gets plenty of attention.

Now is a good time to start preparing your football handicapping strategy for this fall. Football offers many different betting strategies. I myself have 5 different angles I examine when I am handicapping football games. Right now, take a look at some of the off season transactions to start getting use to some of the new moves.

This year was a rather mild year as far as coaching changes went. Only three teams have changes their head coach. In Washington and Buffalo we knew last November that a head coaching situation was likely. In comes Mike Shanahan to the Redskins along with a new GM. Many player changes have been and still are in the process. This is a very interesting move and I feel a good move as the Redskins should show improvement this season.

In Buffalo, Chan Gailey is now the new coach. Neither a real big name here nor any big off season moves. It seems like the Bills change quarterbacks every other year. The result is always the same as the playoffs are never in reach.

In Seattle we saw something that may surprise a few. Coach Jim Mora and the GM were fired after one season to make room for Pete Carroll. Perhaps he had the best job in college football but now he has a rebuilding job in Seattle. Coach Carroll has plenty of NFL experience but it was in coach college ball where he really made a name for himself. The jury is still out on this move, personally I think he had it made at USC.

One of the big questions this season is when will the St Louis Rams make Sam Bradford the starting quarterback. This team was so dismal last season and St Louis being such a baseball town I feel the Rams need to start him ASAP or watch the fan base dissipate.

I myself am going to pay close attention the situation in Denver as Tim Tebow is already getting mass amounts of attention. He was named the number 2 quarterback in May. I really believe he will be the starting quarterback this season. Probably won’t get the start job until October but who knows what Kyle Orton will bring. The fans definitely love Tebow and if Orton fails to deliver early get ready for the Tebow chants.

Troy Williams reside in Las Vegas where he handicaps sports. He suggest for those who like to wager on sporting events to follow a sports betting system. Baseball season is approaching to following a baseball betting system is crucial to win money on sports.

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Do You Like to Handicap Football

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This article was published on 2011/01/07