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CSI's seventh season finale left fans with the memory of Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) underneath an overturned red Ford Mustang in the middle of nowhere, specifically, a desert. Both the network and the cast and crew of the highly-anticipated crime-solving drama held their words on what may take place on the upcoming season. Tonight, viewers will finally get to continue on the journey that is CSI's season 8.

CBS reports that season 8's opener, which is entitled "Dead Doll," will chronicle the team's efforts on finding out about Sara's feat with the miniature killer. Executive producer Naren Shankar promises fans that they won't be left hanging this time around.

"Let's just say fans will be very satisfied with how it turns out," Shankar said in a conversation with TV Guide. "No loose ends will be left dangling at the end of the first episode."

For those who need a recap, CSI's previous season ender revealed Natalie Davis (Jessica Collins), the foster daughter of Ernie Dell, as the miniature killer. Prior to that, Grissom and his team believed that Ernie was the serial killer, and as they set out to arrest him, Ernie killed himself in an effort to end the pursuit and protect Natalie. Natalie, on the other hand, held Grissom responsible for her father's death and set out to go after Sara as revenge. In addition, Grissom previously revealed his feelings for Sara.

The first episode presumably resolves Sara's fate as to whether she lives or dies, but a lot of speculations have led viewers to think that she will be gone. Take into consideration what Tim Holland of TV Guide speculated on his CSI show blog. He stated that the episode title, "Dead Doll" is a hint, as opposed to the seventh season finale title, "Living Doll."

In addition, a new female character was recently added to CSI, thus fueling even more speculation on Sara's presumed death. Ronnie, the new character, will be played by Jessica Lucas, who will debut on CSI on its third episode.

As for the technical aesthetics, Shankar reveals that for the first episode of CSI's eighth season, set designers built a full-scale replica of the miniature crime scene Natalie left for Grissom.

"The actors were as impressed as anybody by what we built," Shankar said to TV Guide. "They came back from their time off and went, ‘Holy crap!' Everybody was pretty knocked out by this."

Don't forget CSI's season 8 premieres tonight at 9pm on CBS.

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For more resources about CSI Season 8 Premieres Tonight or for the full story of CSI please review this link http://www.buddytv.com

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CSI Season 8 Premieres Tonight

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