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India is a very popular tourist destination with diversity in terms of climate and other environmental conditions. The ecological diversity attracts lots of tourists and it's difficult to mention the best tourist season because each season has its own uniqueness in the natural exhibition. Each season offers its own pleasurable and exclusive experience to the visitors. In the country each destination may have an extremely different temperature zone. If the northern part is covered with snow filled mountains that not may be the case in south which will be receiving a typical monsoon rain. So it depends on the destination to choose the best season to arrive.

Indian weather can be typically classified to winter, summer, and the monsoon. January is normally cool followed by heating which will continue till June where the sun is in its summit. This time it would be pleasant to visit the hill stations were the climate and nature would be cooler and pleasing. For the exploratory groups June is the most favorable month as it starts the onset of rain on most parts of the country. Then turn up the monsoon with clear skies with a warm welcoming climate. During this season the nights are accompanied by cool breeze and the day time with a very pleasant atmosphere. It would be neither too hot nor too cold. This would not be the case in the south. Normally it won't get too cold in the south of the country when considering the Himalayas.

Most of the tourist opts for the monsoon season for their holidays in India. It starts on September and last till march with a perfect weather to roam about during the day time. Furthermore, monsoon is the festival season in the country with lots of colors and enthusiasm and includes the Pushkar Mela, Diwali, Dassera, Navratri, Durga puja, etc. there are lot more festival in the south including Onam, Vishu, and so on followed by back water games, traditional art and cultural programmers. India is famous for its hospitality and you can experience the warmth of the people in Heritage resorts. Heritage resorts welcome you to a world class experience of hospitality and warmth. You can enjoy the diversity of the culture, food and tradition and spend your holidays with repulsing memories.

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Best Tourist Season In India

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This article was published on 2010/10/01