1968 season in the NFL

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The 1968 season for the NFL would be the 49th season for the National Football League. This season featured some new alignment within the league. An agreement had been made in the previous season for the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints to switch divisions. The Saints would then be part of the Century Division and the Giants would be part of the Capitol Division.


The Eastern Conference of the league featured the Capitol and Century Divisions. The Western Conference featured the Coastal and Central Divisions. There were four teams in each division and each team played 14 games on the season.


The Cowboys were a dominant power in the Eastern Conference. They had an offense that was dominant over all other offenses in the NFL. They also had a defense that allowed fewer points than all but one team in the NFL. They managed to breeze through the regular season. The Cowboys would go 12-2 on the season, easily winning the Capitol Division. The other teams in the Capitol Division were the Giants, Redskins and Eagles. The Giants were the best of the other teams, winning 7 games on the season. The Redskins and Eagles struggled, winning 5 and 2 games respectively.


The Century division had quite a bit more parity than the Capitol Division. Two teams fought it out, trying to take home the division. The Browns and Cardinals were neck and neck down the stretch. In the end the Browns would take the division with a record of 10-4 on the season. The St. Louis Cardinals were just behind with a 9-4-1 record on the season. The remaining teams in the league didn't offer much competition for the Cardinals and Browns. The New Orleans Saints only managed to win 4 games on the season and the Steelers won 2 games.


The Coastal Division featured the top two teams in the Western Conference. The Baltimore Colts and the Los Angeles Rams had the two best records in the Conference. While the Rams were a great team, they were not of the same caliber as the Colts. The Colts walked all over their opponents that season, winning 13 of 14 games. They had the 2nd best offense in the season and only allowed 144 points on defense. The Colts were absolutely dominant.


The Rams managed to come in 2nd, winning 10 games, losing 3 and tying 1. The Rams had a solid team that outscored their opponents by 112 points on the season. The 49ers were also a good team, going 7-6-1 on the season. They were overshadowed by the other teams in the division, however. The Falcons went 2-12 on the season and ended in the cellar of the Coastal Division.


The Central Division was won by the Minnesota Vikings. They barely beat out the Bears with a 8-6 record. The Bears would finish 7-7 on the season. The Packers weren't far behind, going 6-7-1 on the season. The only team in the division that was out of contention was the Detroit Lions. They finished 4-8-2 on the season.


The Browns and the Colts would advance pas their opponents in the first round of the playoffs for a chance to play in the NFL Championship Game. The Colts were just too good in the end. They dominated the Browns 34-0, winning the NFL Championship. They would go on to play the Jets in the Super Bowl.


Despite being the heavy favorites, the Colts fell to the Jets by a score of 16-7.

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1968 season in the NFL

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